February 22 - 23, 2020 | Meets
12 & Under Silver Bronze Champs

Sat/Sun, Feb 22-23 - 12 & Under Silver/Bronze Championships - Region A

CAT Hosted Meet

Volunteer information will be distributed via e-mail and ironed out information will be posted once available. If you have any volunteer questions, please e-mail Terry Murray at teammurray@verizon.net.

Groups Attending: Championship meet for all 12u swimmers.

Meet Info Packet: Click Here

Entries: Click Here

Warm-up Assignments (UPDATED 2/18): Click Here

Session Schedule (UPDATED 2/18): Click Here


Parking: Street parking is available (metered parking), as well as a parking garage. Click Here for MAP.

CAT Parent Timing: None for this meet as it is one of the volunteer sign-up jobs used to fulfill parent commitment.


Jobs still available as of 2/19/2020

LINK TO SIGN-UP SIGNING UP: https://vmodcui.active.com/volunteer/jobs?eventGroupId=1721803

If you have trouble accessing via link above, please log into your swim portal and click on 12&Under SilverBronze Volunteer Sign-up under “Select an event to volunteer for” on the right side of the page.

SWIM PORTAL LINK: https://swimportal.active.com/?a=284250120

Volunteer Timeline

The following timelines do not include Purchasing/Baking/Set-up/Take-down jobs. For these jobs please go with whatever instructions have been relayed to you by Terry Murray and/or Coach Eric. Reach out to them with any questions. (If you haven't already heard from them, you will by tonight).

All volunteers must Check themselves in & out in order to get credit. You will not be allowed to sign in or out for someone else.

Ignore the times posted on the volunteer sign-up section of Active. The following are the timelines we are anticipating but are subject to slight change.

There are still some spots available. If you still need to sign up, visit the events section of our website to access the registration link for volunteers.

Questions can be directed to Mrs. Murray and Coach Eric at:



2020 12u SilBz Champs Vol. Timeline - Saturday AM.pdf

2020 12u SilBz Champs Vol. Timeline - Saturday PM.pdf

2020 12u SilBz Champs Vol. Timeline - Sunday AM.pdf

2020 12u SilBz Champs Vol. Timeline - Sunday PM.pdf

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