MAY MLK Invitational

Swim Meets

January 15 - January 16 12am

MAY MLK Invitational

Groups Attending: SP-Wh, SB-GR&WH

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In order to save time and travel for everyone, we will be adjusting the schedule for the MAY MLK meet scheduled for next weekend.

Friday 1/13
Session 1 Distance - 4:00 PM WU; 5:00 PM START

Saturday 1/14 - (UPDATED TIME)
Session 2 11/12 - 10:00 AM WU; 11:00 AM START
Session 3 13/14 - 12:15 PM WU; 1:15 PM START
Session 4 15 & Over - 3:15 PM WU; 4:15 PM START

Sunday 1/15 - (UPDATED TIMES)
Session 5 11/12 - 9:30 AM WU 10:10 AM START *Originally Session 8 moved from Monday to Sunday
Session 6 13/14 - 11:30 AM WU 12:00 PM START
Session 7 15 & Over - 2:15 PM WU 3:15 PM START

Monday 1/16
Session 8 10 & Under - 10:00 AM WU 10:40 AM START

          Warm up and timing assignment will be sent out on Tuesday.


Dear Participants and Families,

We are excited to have you at the MLK Invitational and are looking forward to a great weekend. Coming off Covid, we are still figuring out meet capacity and operations at The Walker D Kirby Aquatic Center. Please be patient with us as we learn the limitations of our new facility. If there are any capacity issues, we will do everything we can to put the athlete’s experience first. Please use the following guidelines to help us navigate the competition so everyone can have the best experience possible. 

  1. All athletes, volunteers and spectators to enter and exit the YMCA through the East Entrance. Use the large sandwich board signs to help you find that.

  2. We will be livestreaming our meet on Youtube

  3. There will be three spaces for spectators to rotate in and out. The spectator balcony or Mariners Brig will be open, but we ask that no one camp out in there for more than an event or two. We will convert the Buttenheim Hall into The Mariners Crow’s Nest Lounge, and we have a panoramic window with a 12 foot overhang for outdoor viewing which we will call the Mariners Main Deck. This makes it possible for all spectators to get a chance to watch swims live and also move to a comfortable space to be able to watch the meet on a screen. This will allow all spectators to view the events live and also know what is happening in the pool so you don’t miss a race when you are in the Crow’s Nest. Your cooperation is expected to make sure the athletes have appropriate accommodations so they can be the main focus of the meet.

  4. Athletes will be situated on the pool deck. We will assign spaces for Prelims and Timed Finals.

  5. To comply with USA SWIMMING SAFESPORT, All athletes must use the youth locker room at this meet.

  6. Except when on pool deck or in wet hallways and locker rooms, athletes must be dry, in shoes and must have clothing on.

  7. The facility closes at 7:00 on Saturday and 5:00 on Sunday. The only spaces available for the meet will be the pool, the locker rooms, bathrooms, the East Entrance and the Spectator Balcony.

  8. Meet cannot be observed from the East Lobby. As an active entrance/exit, we need to keep that space as clear as we can.

  9. Only swimmers, coaches, and volunteers are permitted on the pool deck. No exceptions.

  10. We ask the athletes bring only water bottles on the pool deck. Food, colored drinks, and glass of any type is not allowed. 

  11. All Officials interested in working should contact our Meet Official, Rasika Abeysinghe

  12. All adults entering the building need to present a government issued ID to be scanned in.  If you are coming back multiple days, instead of being scanned in, please grab a next day bracelet from the volunteer desk. Please email your lists of designated volunteers to us by 12:00 Noon on Friday, so we can make the entrance process easier.

  13. Our policy prohibits any 11 & Under individuals to be left unattended without adult supervision.  We ask that all team have at least one (1) designated parent to transport swimmers to and from the pool deck and (1) deck marshal.

  14. We will offer coffee and light concessions in the Crow’s Nest, which is normally known as Buttenheim. 

  15. The parking lots will be on the full side. There will be a map available to help. It’s easiest to park at the back end of the lot or on Keep Street adjacent the building. Commuter lots next to the facility will be the easiest in and out though.

  16. We are working with a few local establishments to stream the event and we will post that on the event page on the Mariners website as they come in.

Any persons showing unkind behavior towards any athletes. YMCA Staff, parent volunteers, coaches, or officials, will be asked to leave, and will not be invited back to future competitions held at the Madison Area YMCA.  Please note the Madison Area YMCA Code of Conduct listed below. 

Madison Area YMCA Code of Conduct

  • Speak in respectful tones, excluding the use of vulgar or derogatory language.
  • Respect the property of others, including that of the YMCA; do not engage in theft or destruction of property.
  • Appropriate dress is required at all times.
  • Create a safe, caring environment for all.
  • Please assist us in keeping our facility clean and tidy.
  • Please refrain from yelling, from running in the halls and lobby, and no “heelies” or recreational skates.
  • Please honor our Core Values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility.
  • Please obey our cell phone policy.  Doors marked “Emergency Exit Only” are to be used in an emergency only.  An alarm will sound.

We wish all competitors a safe and wonderful meet experience! 

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