Meet of Xcellence

Swim Meets

June 10 - June 11 12am

Meet of Xcellence

Groups Attending: SrB-Gr, SrB-Wh, Senior A

Meet Info: Click Here (Do not reference for final schedule)

CAT Entries: Click Here
Declination Deadline: 6/20/2023

From Princeton University to all families: The stadium drive road and the circle in front of DeNunzio Pool are closed for safety reasons.  All pick-ups and drop offs need to occur INSIDE the stadium drive garage!

Final Schedule: Click Here
(Update 5/26): Please be advised of a change in format for this meet.  For Saturday only, the 13/overs will be split into two sessions in the interest of the swimmers.  Therefore, the schedule will be as follows:  Session 1 all 12/unders; Session 2 13/over boys, Session 3 Saturday distance events, and Session 4 13/over girls.

CAT Parent Timing Assignments: Click Here (revised 6/10)

USA Swimming Officials:

More info to follow . . . 
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