STAC Great Gobbled Meet - New Providence, NJ

Swim Meets

November 6 - November 7 12am

STAC Great Gobbled Meet - New Providence, NJ

Groups Attending: AG1, AG2, SPT-Gr, SrB and SrA

Preliminary Meet Information: Click Here

CAT Entries: Click Here (corrected 10/26)

Final Meet Schedule: Click Here

Officials: Should reach out to Chris Barry, the Meet Ref, at if you are available to help.


Click Here for Assignments

Please review the following timing assignments to determine if you are
scheduled to time this weekend. We have many lanes to cover at this meet
and need everyone to pitch in and do their part. If you cannot cover your
assignment, please get another CAT parent to take you slot for you. Please
inform Terry Murray, of any changes you make with
other parents. If there are any changes the day of the meet, please text
Terry, Cell (862)881-2988, and 12 and under, Liat Frame, head timer,

All timers should text the head timer, Terry or Liat, when you arrive to check
in. Please identify yourself and your child, so that we can text you back if
any changes occur.

First timer of the session must attend timers meeting before the start of the
meet. If you have not timed before, please attend the timers meeting as well.
Please relieve the CAT parent timing in the specific lane that you are assigned
in a timely manner.


+Concessions will be available for purchase in the lobby. Please let your families know that we will have some wonderful hot/cold food for sale - CASH ONLY.

+Please remind your coaches/swimmers to CHANGE THEIR CLOCKS before going to bed Saturday night - Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend.

+All athletes must provide a parent timer and teammate counter for the distance events in session 2 and 5. Parent timers may check in at the Volunteer Check In table located in the lobby.

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