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Cougar Aquatic Team

2022-2023 Swim Year




When: Pick one try-out date per swimmer.

Friday, July 22nd, 2022

10 & under - 5:00pm – 5:45pm

11-14-year-old – 6pm – 6:45pm


15 & over – 7:00pm – 7:45pm

Saturday, August 6th, 2022

10 & under – 10am – 10:45am

11-14-year-old – 11am – 11:45am


15 & over – 12:00pm – 12:45pm


Where: Montclair Kimberley Academy Upper School Pool

Montclair Kimberley Academy Upper School Pool
GPS Address: 1 Lloyd Road, Montclair, NJ
The pool is in the basement of the gym, which is the large circular building at the very top of the hill on the opposite side of the school from Bloomfield Ave.

Parking Instructions:
You may park in any of the parking spots located along the football field. There is also a parking lot on the other side of the football field which can be accessed from Walden Place off Bloomfield Ave. Street parking on Lloyd Road is permitted just past the school in front of the houses (only on the school side of the street – please pay attention to the street signs).

How: Registration required!

Registration Link: https://forms.gle/LZLKpkBhvwVBfBjx5

All swimmers must be registered to participate. Space is limited and available first come, first serve. You will receive a confirmation of registration within 24-48 hours of signing up.  

Important try-out as well as season details will be sent out to everyone ahead of the try-out. At the try-out, there will be an introduction followed by a question and answer before the in-water evaluation.


Swimmers must be at least 6 years old and comfortable swimming across the pool unassisted to be considered for the competitive team (basic knowledge of freestyle and backstroke is required). 

For 13 and over swimmers, they should be able to perform all four competitive strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breastroke and Butterfly). 

Cost of Try-out:

There is a $5.00 try-out fee per swimmer. This fee covers the cost of the latex caps that will be provided to each of the participants. This cap will have the swimmer’s name printed on them for easy identification of the athlete during the try-out.

To speed up the process, you can VENMO the amount ahead of time. Your cap will be pre-printed and ready for you when you check in. (Venmo addressed will be supplied in your confirmation email)

If you would prefer to pay by cash, you can do so at the door where your swimmer’s name will be written for you at check-in. No checks or credit cards are accepted.


Check-in Details:

Because of space limitations in the bleachers, we need to maximize the number of swimmers we can try-out and therefore will only be permitting ONE PARENT (or Guardian) per family.

Please DO NOT arrive more than 10 minutes early. Doors to the building will be closed and you will not be able to access the building until we are ready to let people in.

We will check everyone in on the pool deck, so if you arrive before the doors are open, please line up on the hill outside the gym and we will open the doors when the check-in table is ready.

Once the try-out begins, the doors will close, and we will not be able to take any late comers. Please do not be late.

All swimmers should plan to arrive with their bathing suits on and ready to swim. (They can come dressed in their bathing suits underneath their street clothes).

Don’t forget your bathing suits, choice of goggles and a towel!


A try-out information packet outlining what to expect at try-outs as well details about the swim year should you be accepted will be provided to everyone via email before the try-out date.

We look forward to seeing you at try-outs!