Location: MSU - outside the Panzer Athletic Center Pool Entrance (Click here for specific directions)

Please make note: Absolutely no parking in front of the pool building (the pick-up/drop-off area) where the fitting is being conducted! There is no free parking on campus, we cannot help if you are ticketed for parking in a permit parking spot. There is street parking off-campus, or you can pay to park in the parking garage. 

When: Sunday, 9/11 from 9:00am-12:00pm


This is where you will purchase all your Speedo Team swimsuits, custom team caps, other team clothing as well as all of the required training gear (mesh bags, fins, kickboards, etc.).

A list of all required training gear can be found at the bottom of page two of the order form. You are not able to leave your training gear at the pool, so you are responsible to bring it to practice daily. Please be sure to pick up a mesh bag to carry everything in!

If you are unable to make the fitting at MSU, you can place an order through the Metro Swim Shop team portal located at the top left corner of the order form.

Closing Date for the order: Wednesday, 9/14/2022
After this date, you will be able to place orders for most products through the team portal, but they will be mailed directly to your home, and you will be charged for shipping. These items will not be delivered through the team distribution. Custom Team Caps w/Names are only available through this date after which unnamed team caps can be purchased through Coach Eric throughout the year. 

Estimated Delivery Date: On or around10/17/2022 via a Metro Swim Shop distribution at the pool

Metro Swim Shop Order Form: Click Here

Product Image Proof Sheet: Click Here
(Pls note that jacket and pants were copied and pasted onto the sheet after the fact, I wanted to get it out to everyone without waiting for an updated proof sheet from metro swim shop on Monday).