To: USA Swimming Members 17 years and older, LSC General Chairs, LSC Administrative Vice-Chairs, LSC Offices, LSC Staff, LSC Safe Sport Chairs, LSC Registration Chairs, Club Contacts, Club Presidents and Club Head Coaches.

Since 2019, USA Swimming adult athlete members have been required to complete Athlete Protection Training (APT) as a requirement of membership. In 2019, USA Swimming built in an administrative grace period to give athletes 30 days after their 18th birthday to complete the requirement. Effective September 1, 2022, there will no longer be a 30-day administrative grace period. Going forward, any 17-year-old athlete who has not completed the APT requirement by their 18th birthday will not be a USA Swimming member in good standing unless or until the APT requirement is completed. This includes eligibility to compete in USA Swimming sanctioned meets, club practices and all other related activities. Athletes will continue to receive an email notification reminder of the APT requirement 30 days prior to their 18th birthday as well as a reminder on their 18th birthday.

All USA Swimming members aged 18 years old and older are required to complete APT annually. This is the individual’s responsibility and includes both athlete and non-athlete members.

To learn more about the upcoming changes to your membership, please visit the SWIMS Resource Hub link below. 

For the 2022-2023 CAT APT Form: Click Here



SafeSport Training for Adult Athletes ( CSSSSTAA )  - this is NOT APT Athlete Protection Training


There are only four courses that will satisfy the Athlete Protection Training requirement for membership. Those four courses are the Core Course, Refresher 1, Refresher 2, and Refresher 3. Currently, those are located in Education - Course Catalog - All Courses. The courses listed under Safe Sport do not satisfy the APT requirement. 


The accepted courses show up as: 

  • Athlete Protection Training 
  • Athlete Protection Training - Refresher 1 
  • Athlete Protection Training - Refresher 2 
  • Athlete Protection Training - Refresher 3 

Each member that wishes to receive credit for a course in education needs to have their OWN login. Accessing the course through a parent account will not provide the proper credit. The tracking of the completion is done based on the person logged in.  NO ONE NEEDS TO TAKE A COURSE MORE THAN ONCE ANNUALLY. If you complete it and it doesn't match NOTIFY the NJ Swim Office

If anyone does not see Athlete Protection Training in your All Courses, let our office know right away so we can correct that.

Athletes who are 30 days out from turning 18 are strongly encouraged to UNLINK from their parents dashboard; create their own UserName/Password LOGIN and complete the APT. If there are issues with access or matching, we don't want to risk a last-minute issue.