Coach Ally coaches Bronze, assists with Gold and oversees both the Swim America and Pre-Team programs. 

Ally started swimming with CAT in 2002 after being introduced to the sport by former CAT coach Regan Collins that summer. Ally moved through the program with her younger siblings and was coached by Cienne, Eric, Judy, Brian, and Rich (and other former coaches). After two years of college swimming and summer coaching, Ally started as a CAT coach in 2015.

Ally fondly remembers swimming with her little brother. A built-in support system, he always knew what it was like to suffer through practices to see the work pay off (or to fall just short of a goal). She remembers turning a meet in Buffalo, NY into a mini vacation and visiting Niagara Falls with him on one of their off days. That weekend she also mis-counted her brother’s mile swim, much to Coach Eric’s chagrin!

Ally graduated from Montclair State University with a degree in Photography.

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