Cougar Aquatic Team - 2022 Spring Clothing Sale!

The next in-person team fitting will be conducted in September 2022. 
In the meantime, the following items are being made availabe for this Spring Season from two seperate vendors. 

There is a deadline for the Metro Swim Shop Speedo Order of Monday, 5/9.
The Chlorine Deckwear items can be ordered anytime. 

Speedo Team Suits, Bags and Training Equipment (Made available through Metro Swim Shop)
Available Items: Team Caps, Team Caps w/Names, Team Suits, Team Backpack, all required team training gear.
Reminder: You are responsible for transporting your training gear to and from practice every day. We are not able to store the gear at either of our pool locations. 
Please note regarding AG1 & AG2 boys team suits: For boys sizing, the team suit is only available up to size 28. This number represents waist size and larger sizes shouldn't be needed, although sometimes prefered by the younger swimmers. If anyone requires a larger size, please contact Coach Eric and he will offer you the options. 
Hint on sizing for all: Metro Swim Shop is happy to help you with sizing over the phone or have you swing by their shop (it's just not very close).

Order Form

Online Team Portal
(Order deadline is Mon, May 9 as items are being customized in bulk. Items will be mailed to team and distributed to groups.)

Spring Clothing Sale (Made available through Chroline Deckwear). 
Available Items: T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Sweatpants, Hats, Drawstring bag

Online Team Portal
(Portal will be open all spring/summer long. Items will be shipped directly to you.)

Not Available This Spring
Because of supply issues at Speedo the following items will not be available again until the Fall.
Speedo Team Jackets, Speedo Parkas, Speedo Sweatshirts, Etc.