Metro Swim Shop Team Outfitting

When: Sunday, 9/24/23
Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm
Location: MSU (outside the Panzer Athletic Center pool area)
                    28 Normal Ave, Montclair, NJ 07043
                    Click here for on campus directions.


ORDER FORM: 2023-2024 Cougar Aquatic - Metro Swim Shop Order Form

Image sheet of all custom team product: Click Here


Metro Swim Shop will be on-site at Montclair State University where you can order all of your Speedo Team outfitting. You will also have an opportunity to pick-up any training gear you may not already own. (Custom product gets tried on and ordered. Training gear gets picked up on site). 

Training equipment for each group is listed on the order form.


Ways to order your gear:
1 - Come to the fitting, try things on, ask questions, etc.
2 - Place your order through the CAT/Metro Swim Shop portal. Link/instructions found on top left of order form.
3 - Complete the order form and email our Team Rep, Michele Strnatko at She will bollow up with a phone call for your cc information.
4 - Call Metro Swim Shop and ask for Michele - 1-800-526-8788 x 246.


Recommendation: If you have to place your order through the online team portal because you cannot make the fitting on 9/25:

  • DO place your order for all customized Speedo items (team suit, jacket, parka, personalized caps, etc). 
  • DO NOT order your training equipment (fins, paddles, kick board, etc) through the portal with your custom product in the same order. 
  • INSTEAD: place a seperate order for any training equipment so that the gear gets mailed directly to your home and you do not wait for all of the customized product to be completed before they send you the training gear.