October 19 - 20, 2019 | Meets
Go for the Gold

Sat/Sun, 10/19-10/20 - Go For The Gold

Groups Attending: Silver, Gold and Senior Prep

Entries: tmientries-go gold-10-4-19.pdf

Meet Info Packet: 2019 Go For the Gold-Sanctioned.pdf (this contains the original info including location information. However, session start times can sometimes be incorrect or listed as TBD. Please always check warm-up info for the most accurate start times).

Warm-up Info: 2019 BB GFG TIMING 10192019.pdf 

Parent Timing Assignments: 

12 & Unders: 12 under - CAT Parent Timing - GoforGold19d.pdf (CORRECTED 10/16 @ 10:52pm)

13 & Overs: 13 overs - CAT Parent Timing - GoforGold18.pdf

Learn Technique.
Train with Purpose.
Achieve Excellence!
Twitter Alerts
  • New season starts this week!!! Go Cougars! 1 Sep
  • CAT dominated at both LC Silver/Bronze and BAC Summer Champs! We are so proud of all our swimmers for weeks of dediā€¦ https://t.co/vbgo3EvP8h 23 Jul
  • REMINDER: AM practice for senior groups is at MKA tomorrow morning (7/22) 6:00-8:00 22 Jul