This is a resource page for all Cougar Certified USAS Officials.


Recruiting NEW Officials


CAT is always looking to build our roster of Swim Officials, and WE NEED YOU!

TOP 5 REASONS to become a certified USA Swimming Official - Click Here!

If you are interested in Officiating, training classes are mostly held in the Fall, with a few in the Spring. The list of classes can be found HERE

Please reach out to Ashley Emala, CAT Officials Coordinator for information on how to get started.



General Resources for Officials


Description of the Different Officiating Roles - Click Here!

 New Jersey Swimming - Officials Page - Click Here!
Go to this site for:

-Officials' registration forms
-Requirements to become a USA Swimming Official in NJ
-NJ Swimming Officials Committee Members
-List of certification and recertification classes

USA Swimming - Officials Page - Click Here!
Go to this site for:
-Checking USA Swimming certification status
-Checking record of meet sessions officiated
-Safe Sport Info - Click here for Safe Sport Page
-Trainings -  Background Check, Concussion Protocol & Athlete Protection
-Rule Book - 0r Click Here!
-Miscellaneous Officials Documents from USA Swimming - Click Here!
This includes: Stroke and Timer briefing checklists and other slips.



Current CAT Officials


Cougar Officials - Thank you as always for the volunteer hours you spend on deck supporting this sport and team. Below are resources related to membership and requirements for USA Swimming and NJ Swimming, as well as Cougar specific policies and procedures. 

  • Expectations: 
    For Cougar hosted meets, we encourage Officials to work sessions beyond just those in which your swimmer is participating. As meet hosts, the responsibility to provide a complete officiating crew falls to us, even if Officials from other teams volunteer as well. 

    For non-Cougar hosted meets, it is up to you which meets you choose to officiate and how many sessions. There is no requirement. 
  • Annual Membership Renewal Process - Click Here!
  • Advancing Beyond a Stroke & Turn Judge - Click Here!
  • Becoming a Starter - Click Here!
  • CAT Official Benefits:
    Registration & Background Check Reimbursement - 
    For first year registrations, USA Swimming requires the participant to register themselves. Once complete, submit your receipt to the CAT Administrator for reimbursement. After your first year, the registrations will be handled by the team. Receipts for background checks can also be submitted to the team administrator for reimbursement.

    Swim Meet Surcharge Reimbursement - For all meets at which a CAT affiliated official officiates, the meet surcharge* for that officials' swimmer(s) will be paid for by the team. (*Surcharges currently range from $10-15/day and do not include the individual event charge).

    In order to receive credit, the official must self-report sessions worked to Coach Eric via this GOOGLE FORM (not yet active). Once complete, the family Commit Team Suite account will receive a credit which will be applied to their next invoice.

    Officials Shirts - CAT will provide Officials with one USA Swimming shirt a calendar year that are uniform compliant. Please reach out to the Officials Coorindator to coordinate how to get yours.


Contact Us


The team's Officials Coordinator is Ashley Emala. She can be reached at

If you notice that a link is not available or out of date, please contact the team administrator at


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