The Cougar Aquatic Team strives to keep our parents informed and educated. Communication between all parties is essential and encouraged. Our coaching staff knows age group swimming builds a strong foundation for a lifetime of good health, by teaching healthy fitness habits. In addition to physical development, children can develop greater intellectual competence by participating in a guided, goal oriented program of physical activity. Learning and using swimming skills engages the thinking processes. Lastly we believe a happy swimmer is a fast swimmer! Both swimmer and coach are likely to have a list of performance criticisms for his/her performance, no matter how good it might have been, so all athlete needs from you is love and support! As they get older, the swimmers themselves need to establish their own goals and make their own progress towards them.

Please always remember to read all CAT emails. Always check out Events Calendar for Meet and other happenings! Please also read everything below...

Active Swim Manager

Last year, all team registration, SwimAmerica registration, meet entries, and volunteer coordinating will all be done on Active's Swim Manager cloud-based software. Please email Coach Eric if you are having any issues.

"Swim Manager provides coaches, parents and team administrators with a cloud-based, full solution team management software that integrates with Hy-Tek Meet Manager and Meet Mobile. The system is designed to help coaches build a better swim program with a simple pricing structure for every level of competition, every age group from summer leagues to Masters. Swim Manager has been built to free up hours of time with 24-hour access for coaches, parents and administrators to online tools for team registration, meet entries, payment submission, communications, results reporting and other administrative functions."


Why are we fundraising and where does the money go? The profit that is cleared from our hosted meets goes into a general fundraising account to support the team. The money we make on our other fundraising activities and the sale of the specialized Cougar clothing (bathing caps, towels, car magnets and other items) also goes into this fund. At the end of the season, CAT provides a small scholarship to the graduating seniors based upon the number of years of high school participation on the team. The cost for the swimmers at both the Junior and Senior Awards dinners is subsidized these efforts as well.

Training Group Placement

Only CAT Coaches decide when and where swimmers will be placed on the team. Swimmers are originally evaluated at a try-out for the team. Later, they will be assessed by times achieved at meets, practice test sets, social skills, commitment to the team, endurance, and overall physical development. We place our swimmers in groups that are best for the training and the skill level they are at. As soon as an athlete is emotionally ready, properly trained, and meets the subjective and objective standards of a particular group of swimmers, our coaching staff will work together to move the athlete. Please respect our decision as many things are taken into consideration for a move. 


CAT is called upon to provide officials for all meets that we participate in. Officials are present at all competitions to enforce the technical rules of swimming so the competition is fair and equitable. Officials attend clinics, pass a written test, and work meets before being certified. All parents are encouraged to get involved with some form of officiating.

We are always in need of parents to volunteer to become certified USA Swimming officials! 

Understanding Different Levels of Swim Meets

Green & White: Our in-house mini meets for 11&Unders!
No Time Standards: Typically these meets are for 9 and over swimmers only. Anyone who meets the age requirement is eligible for this meet. This is no time requirement beforehand.
Mini Meet: These meets are for all 8 and under swimmers.
Time Standards: Typically these meets are for 9 and over swimmers only. To be able to go to these meets, you must have swum the event and had a faster time than the time standard listed in the meet announcement.
Qualify: This means you have to qualify for the meet and this happens depending on the particular meet. Please check the meet announcement for details, as they are all different.

Timing at Meets

We couldn't run swim meets without timers - your help is essential and appreciated - thank you!!!

Timers are a significant resource at swim meets and play a very important role in the success of the swimmers and in the smooth operation of a meet. Most New Jersey host teams rely on parents from participating clubs to share the responsibility. On very few occasions, some host teams use their own members as timers or even bring in outside volunteers. Each family will be assigned a timing assignment for the meets their swimmers are attending. 

A head timer will organize each meet and this timing schedule will be emailed and posted to the web site. If your child is entered into a meet, please make sure you check the timing assignments to see if you have been selected as a timer. It will be your responsibility to find a replacement if you are not able to fulfill your obligation. Please notify the head timer in advance of any changes.

Timing Coordinators:

12&Under Meets: TBA
13&Over Meets: Stacey Smith

Training Group Parent Reps

Each training group has parent representatives that help to organize group events outside of the pool and serve as a liason between parents and coaches.

2018-2019 Team Parents

Team Parent Coordinator

Kristen Rohde

Senior National


Senior 1


Senior Prep

Cathy Stieve

Gold Team


Silver Team


Bronze Team


Junior Team