A try-out is NOT NECESSARY for acceptance onto the Pre-competitive group however kids must be able to complete two laps of freestyle unassisted.

Fall Program runs from September 11th to November 2nd. Spring Program runs for 6 weeks April to May.

Program Description:

The Cougar Aquatic Team is offering a pre-team program (1.5 hour practices) to non-team members designed for the swimmer who wishes to maintain their aerobic base while continuing to improve their skills in all four competitive strokes. This program is ideal for middle and high school swimmers who want to train before the school swim teams begin. Every practice will be coached by a member of the Cougar Aquatic Team coaching staff and include our stroke drills and training method. The clinic will cover:

  • Cougar Aquatic Team stroke drills & technique work.

  • Underwater filming and stroke analysis.

  • 30 minute “main set” minimum per practice.

  • Work on Starts, Turns and Finishes.

  • Dry-land: emphasis on balance, stretching/flexibility, core strength and coordination.

  • Interval Training & Test Sets

  • Distance Challenge – 500 and 1,000 yard freestyle swim.

  • A fun intra-squad meet will be held on the last practice date. This mini-meet will give participants the chance to become exposed to the fun and excitement of a swim meet environment, as well as show off the skills they’ve learned to family and friends. 


• All families MUST park in the Walden lot behind the football field (gps locates it by plugging in Walden Pl, Montclair, NJ).
• The boys locker room will not be available, please come dressed ready to swim. There is a 
bathroom on deck and a changing area at the top of the seating area in the pool.
• No one is allowed to roam around the building when lessons or clinic is in session. You must 
remain in the pool area (off the deck)
• Must use the buzzer system when entering the pool. Please announce that you are for the Clinic.